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im on repeat


Author's note: Unfortunately, I've lost the audio reading for this.

Death is like a memory. Ceaseless, and comforting
Knowing things will end has always helped me feel like I'm free
I can do what I want, I can say what I feel
In the end, I know, I know the end is coming, what's the deal?

I'm looping,
I'm stagnant,
Feel like I'm on repeat
My heart has got a leak

I'm writing
These lines
About my broken dreams
About my fucking sheets

I'm hating
my thoughts
About my bad streaks
About my endless sleep

break free
break free
break free
break free

And when the thoughts and my memories come flowing through an endless string
I can't stop typing because they never stop they never cease
I'm just a stream of consciousness, typing on a digital sheet
Some lines they'll never read, a face they'll never see
And if this is the end of me then please try to remember me
I'm breaking down, I'm broken, but I'm still here and you're seeing me
Why can't I stop these bad feelings? I know everyone cares for me

but all I see
when I look at the broken screen
are the fears and insecurities

I'm nothing
I'm hopeless
I'm looping
I'm on repeat

Published: 2021-02-27

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