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"You'll Grow Out Of This"


[Verse 1]

I write songs I'll never sing
Like I write lines you'll never read
And I can't help but be afraid
That I can't finish anything

[Verse 2]

My emotions not in check
Sorry, did I just say that?
I don't know why I am so sad
Now I'll cry and say my bad


This is where I'd make a break, a part of this song to repeat
But I don't care what it should say, 'cus I'm already bored, okay?
This is where I'd write some lines to keep myself from going on
And if I don't then you'll move on because this song is way too long

[Verse 3]

ADHD isn't grand
It's more than just attention span
I just hope you'll understand
That I cannot control my hands

[Verse 4]

I could write more songs I guess
Instead of doing all the rest
Depends on if I finish this

Published: 2021-03-29

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