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Filtered Thoughts


Sometimes I wonder if I could write to save my life
Sometimes I wonder if all the effort's worth the strife
I've been down this road before and now the twists are turns are pleasant
Don't get too comfy, though, because I'm throwing another curveball at you

All the rhythms and the sounds and the echoes leave me restless
I've been thinking, I've been thinking, I've been thinking of the present
Turning circles in my head and now I'm spiraling down under but
Don't take me there because Australia's just too many timezones apart

Fuck you, I don't need this judgemental mindless headspace
I've been trying to keep up with all the thoughts and it's got me displaced
I can feel like I'm alone, but like I'm here, and now it doesn't make sense
I wish you could see beyond these filtered thoughts, I'm crying when I'm silent

It might feel like I'm just rambling in the distance
It might feel like there's no pattern here and it's all senseless
The waves of my mind keep my time and now I'm pondering still
Sometimes I wonder if I'm loved for my posts or my personality

Published: 2022-01-20

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