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hope you think about me


When I think about you
When I think about me
I think about every little problem that I wish I couldn't see
When I'm lying awake
When I'm trying to sleep
I wanna just make the most of all my little dreams and memories
Hope you think about me

Yeah, I'm kind of a freak
A mess of scales and sharp teeth
But I make myself out to be the softest of the dragons on your screen
I'm a little bit hurt
Just a little obscene
Tie myself a new tourniquet to heal the places that I still might bleed

Yeah, I'm not perfect
Yeah, I'm still not "me"
But it's still worth it
To walk down this street
Hope you think about me
Hope you think about me 

She's a little uncouth
She's a bit of a geek
Don't you think it's just terribly attractive how she mumbles in her sleep
Stumbling over her words
Still, she's smiling at me
Can't she just take the words out of your mouth and write them down effortlessly

I'm still improving
I'm still not done
Glad that I'm not
The only one
Hope you think about me
Hope you think about me

I'm marching toward this new horizon
With my hopes and dreams intact
There's still so much I've yet to live for
The past is left behind my back
I'm still figuring this out, one step, one breath, one at a time
I wanna learn how I can fly to let my wings lift me up high
I'm so scared to take my jump now, this is it, no turning back
I feel the tailwind brush against me, but I'm still not ready yet

Hope you think about me
Hope you think about me (Another night goes by, one breath at a time)
Hope you think about me (I'm still not ready, but at least you know I'm trying)
Hope you think about me (I do my best, and all the rest that I can say is...)
Hope you think about me

Published: 2023-06-14

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