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What Kind Of Dragon Has Acrophobia


I may be a dragon, but I don't breathe fire for the thrill
I may be a killer, but I killed my sinning shrill
Voice in my head telling me to fight my fears
Scales, claws gone scraping at my heart
I'll never die, I'll never fall as long as my wings
Can save me from my own self-doubt

The gnawing fangs of my own perpetual arrogance
Blowing smoke like vapor waves flowing in a dance
To invoke my surreptitious slithering tongue
Making marks at poignant chapters
The footnotes of my autobiography made live
Seeking through the lines on the hunt

Tear my own holes in the plot
Rip apart pages from the script
Why am I always afraid to fall
Why do I miss being human
In a world where I'm anything
But the same chained avian
Singing songs to myself
Writing words I'll burn up

The silence of the past leaves echoes in my soul
And even though the play continues onward still
I can't stop asking myself who I am in the end
Questioning myself and defying my insecurity

I am a dragon at heart
and when I soar I'll ignite
the spirits of my greatest endeavors
brought to life not by my own accord,
but with the assistance of those who tend
to the ashes I create around me

Published: 2023-05-23

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