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Hi! I'm Alice, and um... Uh.
I have something I wanna say, I guess...

Fuck yeah, I'm a trans girl
A "fuck the thoughts you had" girl
Yeah, I'm a bad bitch and I won't clean up my act, girl


I'm a poet and a hot mess
Don't wear a fucking suit and tie, I wanna wear cute dress
(moan) "Yes, ma'am," damn, I bet you wanna date this
Well, get in line, sweetie, I'm in high demand, wait list


And I'm impatient
Only 3 months, downed the pills, and it leaves me fuckin restless
Your heart is on my wish list
Got pussy on my mind and not just 'cus I wanna lick clits

Better calm down a bit here
(Is it hot in here? Or is that just me?)

Published: 2021-03-03

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