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Poetry to the Void


Author's note: here's a bit of freeform poetry I wrote a while back that I thought I'd share. I know it doesn't flow super well, but I'm proud of it, and I think it's good sometimes to write stuff that's a bit off beat when it's meaningful to do so

Empty hearts and empty sheets
I'm sleeping in my dreams
And I wish I could say they were the same feel that I get when I see your name on my screen
Wish you were in my dreams when I'm fast asleep and I can't control the pace or the scene
But when I wake up it's still a fantasy
I'm alone and unseen
Empty hearts and black dreams
I'm sleeping in my sheets
And I wish that I could say you were here with me when I wake up and hear your name in my mind
Wish you were by my side and held tight and I can't convey how good it feels every time
But when I wake up it's still a fantasy
I'm alone and unseen
Tell me the difference between day dreaming and the way you pass right through my hands when I try to hold you
I'm missing someone I've never felt in the presence of my room or my heart before and I can't explain it, can't convey it
Still just writing lines to a void that comforts me as much as the paper I'd recycle when I'm done bleeding ink on the page

Published: 2021-03-07

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