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Support Class


Words like knives carving thoughts into the pages of my life
Like scattered scraps of paper torn and fluttering in the wind
So too am I temporary and fleeting

Like fingers pulling back and tearing at a lockbox of treasures
The tendrils scratching and aggressively tugging at my heart
It makes me feel wanted

The thoughts and feelings and memories and doting and loving phrases echo in my mind ceaselessly to remind me that I am better and more whole than I was before
And when I look up into the stars and see them shining back at me it is a reminder that I am a small and insignificant being, but that I am wanted and loved and cared for all the same
And maybe when it's thoughts like this I don't feel so alone and afraid
And maybe I can learn for myself to love who I have become again

We fall into these traps like moths and flies sinking deeply
Desperately clawing and bemoaning our woes and fears
But it's not too late

Fight, bite, bark, and resist the plagues in your own self conscious
I am the protagonist of my own hopes, dreams, and desires
And you all are my support

Published: 2021-05-19

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